9 Cute Outfit Combinations with Floral Top

9 Cute Outfit Combinations with Floral Top

When you think about spring, what is the one thing that comes to your mind?

If you say florals, then you’re absolutely right!

With the spring season setting in this year and spreading happiness, it’s time to take those floral tops out of the closet and style them beautifully.

Floral prints, as always, are popular in the spring. If you’re wondering how to pair floral tops for girls, then our style experts from our women’s western wear boutique, Heels N Spurs, are here to give you some practical tips for mixing and matching!

Same Color Outfit:

To make your floral tops work for different occasions, this one tip could change your wardrobe style!

Pair a floral top with the same color pants. You can either pick out the same print of floral pants or plain pants in the dominant base color of your floral top.

Complete the look with a pair of pointed heels and make the perfect outfit for a casual brunch or shopping in the spring. 

High-Rise Jeans & Boots:

The perfect outfit combination for floral tops: black or blue high-rise jeans, your favorite belt and some neutral-colored boots.

This combination works perfect for floral tops that may be too bright. If this is the case, tone the top down by pairing with high-rise jeans. Add a belt and ankle-length boots to finish the look! 

This would make a great outfit for a casual evening party when you want to take a break from your little black dress.

Off-Shoulder Floral Top:

You must have that one loose-fitted floral top that you keep wearing season after season. You love it so much you will never throw it out. Change it up and convert it to an off-shoulder floral top!

Don’t have this in your closet yet? Stay hip this spring season and buy a subtle floral, off-shoulder top like this one.

You can wear a small, thin necklace to complement your outfit and wear your hair swept back or in a ponytail to bring attention to the off-shoulder neck. Pair this with some jeans and block heels and you’re good to go for your casual meet up with your friends.  

Mix Up Animal and Floral Print:

We know this sounds crazy but take a look at this top and you’ll get why we love this combo!

Even when you own a lot of animal print tops and floral tops separately, nothing will come close to this gorgeous top with leopard and floral prints combined. You don’t need any accessories to wear along with it; just your reliable jeans and boots to rock the look! 

Wide-Legged Pants:

We can’t say this enough – wide-legged pants actually make anyone look slimmer. You can go for black or blue flared jeans to work with your simple floral tops.

Or you can go funky and pick out distressed, flared jeans. Pick out the perfect jewelry that brings out the colors in the floral design of your top.

A Breezy Floral Tank Top:

As spring fades into summer and it’s too hot for anything with sleeves, go for a breezy floral tank top. Pair your denim shorts with a floral tank top for a simple and cute daytime outfit. 

Complete the outfit by wearing your sandals or flip-flops and you’ll feel comfortable AND sexy! For those chilly spring evenings, tuck away a graphic sweatshirt for a bit of warmth when needed without compromising the style.

A Simple Fringe Skirt: 

When you want to pair your floral top with something other than your jeans, give your fringe skirt a spin!

You can wear a sleeveless or short-sleeved floral top with a fringe skirt. Throw on a pair of boots and you’ll look ready for a sassy day or night out on the town! Based on the floral designs in your top, you can choose to tuck-in the top and add a belt or let it hang out. Also a cute outfit for date night!

Pale Skinny Jeans: 

Obviously there are many pant choices to make your floral tops work, but you can never go wrong with pale blue skinny jeans. A ripped pair of skinny jeans is the go to jean for every season. Make your outfit pop in some black heels or funky sandals and you’re ready for whatever the day...or night...may bring!

A Studded Jacket:

Ditch the sweatshirt for the cool spring evenings and opt for a hip jacket. A floral top should be the focus of the outfit and adding too many colors could end up messing up the whole look. But that doesn’t mean you have to dumb down the other pieces in your outfit!

Add to the striking look of the floral top with a studded jacket in a subtle color to gain some extra style points in your outfit.

This jacket would be so amazing with a dark-colored floral top and dark blue skinny jeans. Tuck it in and add a wide belt with a pair of boots in beige or brown to complete your floral design look. 

Wrapping Up:

You can get so many cute floral tops at Heels N Spur Clothing, one of the most popular online boutiques in the USA. We stock handpicked trendy women’s clothing that can be worn across different seasons. Shop at our women’s western wear boutique store for stunning floral outfits! 


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