9 Ways To Style Your Little Black Dress

9 Ways To Style Your Little Black Dress

Every girl knows the absolute staple of the closet is the little black dress!

A LBD is the most versatile piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe. You can accessorize a LBD for a casual day-out, a professional meeting or a fun after dark party. It all depends on how you style it to get the look you want.

So, in this blog we’ll give you some style tips to use that little black dress on multiple occasions and rock the look every single time!

Style Your Little Black Dress in These 9 Stunning Ways.

Make Some Noise with Colorful Accessories:

How many times are you going to keep it plain and simple to highlight the black dress?

Play it up and use the little black dress as the background. You can add some colorful accessories like long chains, beautiful purses and studded shoes to highlight them for a change like this one here!

Show-Off Your Waist with a Belt:

A belt isn’t just for those with a tiny waist. Do you have a little black dress that’s a little loose? Add a belt to accentuate the flair of the dress and bring the eye to your best curves. Moreover, a belt always makes you look thinner than you are… a big plus!

You can get funky belts like our model is wearing from our women’s western wear boutique.

Go a Little ‘Wild’!

Do you know what goes perfectly well with LBD without fail?

Animal prints!

You can get animal-printed shoes, belts, chains or purses to bring that change of color and break the monotony in the LBD.


We have wedges with cheetah prints or leopard wedges, leopard wedge sneakers , or any other fun animal prints from our Heels N Spurs Boutique to complement the LBD.

Wear That Jacket Over Your Shoulders:

When you want to look sophisticated and sexy, the jacket thrown-over-shoulders look says I’m casual yet wanna be glammed up.

This look is stunning and effortless that all eyes will be on you. Heels N Spurs has so many cute jackets as a part of our trendy women’s clothing. Make sure to pick accessories that complement the look and feel of the jacket.

For example, when you choose this suede jacket to throw over your little black dress, the turquoise will pop against the neutral of the beige. And who doesn’t need a little cowhide to finish the look with a gorgeous clutch, crossbody or purse from our bag collection.

Tall Boots All the Way!

One look that is always on trend is the LBD with tall boots.

It lends a breath of sophistication and a chic look when you add a long jacket to it. 

Check out our selection of amazing boots from our women’s western wear boutique! 

Make a ‘Statement’ with Your Accessories:

A statement piece of jewelry can transform your LBD from simple, everyday wear to an eye-catching outfit.

You can go for a statement piece of necklace and add a splash of color to the black dress.

A long chain with a big pendant or a beaded one that sits close to your neck, either way you are allowing the jewelry to be the star of your outfit. Such necklaces really bring out the contrast with your dress and speak to your unique style.

Not into a chunky necklace? Opt for big funky earrings with a bold bracelet instead and add a simple pendant to complete the look.

Go Casual with a Pair of Sneakers:

Out for a casual hang with your friends but want to look effortlessly stylish, the LBD pairs well with a pair of sneakers. Also sneakers hit the spot when you’re travelling and want to feel comfy but don’t want to dumb down your style. Comfort doesn’t have to be where style ends. Opt for our Beige Wedge Sneakers or go bold with our San Antonio Sneakers.

Bold is Always Better with LBD:

If you’re tired of pairing your LBD with the same old shoes and accessories, it’s time to get bold!

Let go and pair up some colors and combinations that no one generally wears. The LBD is the perfect backdrop for bold pairings. When you want to turn heads looking extra fierce, a shocking combination with your LBD will get you all the right looks. 

Here we have paired the Kacey Black Dress, the perfect LBD, turquoise boots with fringe and the White Mega Squash Blossom Necklace.

Bold and sophisticated, an outfit like this will turn heads and have your friends asking where you are shopping for such a distinct look.

Turtleneck Combos with LBD:

You might not think your LBD can work in the winter months. Well you’d be wrong! Pair it with a turtleneck for a new spin on some old favorites.

A spaghetti strap LBD worn over a turtleneck sweater or a t-shirt will give new life to what you may have thought can only be summer attire.

Swap out different color turtlenecks to mix and match with your accessories and give your LBD as many looks as possible.

Shop these combinations of turtleneck tops at affordable rates from one of the USA’s most popular online boutiques, Heels N Spurs. The turtleneck is another staple to your wardrobe, so even when not paired with a LBD, add some flared jeans or denim skirt for a whole new look. 

Wrapping Up:

Invest in a good pair of boots, belts and accessories that goes well with your LBD. You’ll also create endless styles to pair with any outfit. Heels N Spurs is the place to find endless shoes and accessories with various trendy women’s clothing that give you infinite style options.

Shop with us now!


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