How to Look Awesome in Flared Jeans

How to Look Awesome in Flared Jeans

Are you inspired by the trendy ‘70s style?

Then you must definitely invest in a few pairs of stylish, flared jeans to rock your look!

Flare jeans were a popular trend a few decades ago– and it’s now a trend that is making a huge comeback. If you don’t believe us, then look at various models rocking flared designs worn by popular personalities in the recent New York Fashion Week.

If you’re an avid fan of skinny jeans and have never worn flare leg jeans, then trust us and give it a shot. You wouldn’t believe how comfortable, styled and put together you’ll look with flared jeans. You can’t deny that it looks great on almost all women of all sizes, shapes and heights. 

At our trendy online boutique - Heels N Spurs, we have a great collection of flared pants for women, along with trendy tops to pair up and look absolutely fantastic.

Let’s look at some of our most favorite looks with flared jeans.

Go for a Cowgirl Look with a Front-Inserted Top!

Anything you want to try with your skinny jeans, you can try it with flared ones too! 

In this look, we have gone for a western cowgirl vibe with simple, blue flared jeans and an Aztec sweater inserted in the front. We also added a rustic golden belt to highlight and differentiate. 

You can go for the same look and replace the sweater with any T-shirt or shirt of your choice. If you’re going for a cowgirl look, then you must definitely wear a wide-brimmed hat over your curled, flying hair! 

You can also throw on a jacket that goes well with your dress to go all the way out! Have a look at some of the handpicked jackets at our women’s western wear boutique and choose the one that looks the best on you. 

Distressed Flared Jeans Are the New Norm! 

Who said a distressed look is only for skinny jeans?

You can pair up the distressed flared jeans with any top of your choice – skinny tops, loose and long tops or crop tops! This looks amazing, especially when you go for a colorful look and pair it up with bright earrings and chains. 

We like to rock a pair or distressed, flared jeans with a simple, hi-lo embroidered top with blue earrings for a really put together look. You can add some block heels or pointy heels to go all the way stylish or throw in some comfy flats for a casual day out on the beach!

Add Some Splash of Color and Flare!

Do you already own flared jeans and flared distressed jeans?

Then your wardrobe needs an upgrade with colorful flared jeans!

When you want to steal attention and look casually striking, then go for a pair of flared jeans in light colors.

Pair up such a pink one with a complementary crop top and you’ll look sizzling. When you go for such flared jeans, your thighs will look super slimming and your waist will look small and in shape. 

We went all out with the pink flared jeans and added light distress over the knee. You can do the same too with any top and color of your choice. Choose colorful flared jeans that go with the tops in your wardrobe. Usually, such jeans look best with crop tops and T-shirts. 

You can wear your hair up in a bun or part it on a single side and complete the look with some medium stilettos. 

Wide Belt to Bring the Hips to Notice!

One of the main reasons why many fall in love with flared jeans is their slimming look. 

When the flare opens up below your knees, it automatically makes your waist and thighs look thinner. You can further bring notice to your small waist by accentuating with some wide, attractive belts. 

Pair this flattering look up with some big metallic concho belts, like the one in the picture, or printed tooled belts

Adding bold belts will make your outfit look complete and it will also give you a casual, sexy look. If you don’t wish to invest in a belt separately, you can also go for flared jeans with big denim belts, like this one.

When you plan to highlight the belt, you can go for crop tops or insert your top in the front of the jeans and leave the rest loosely behind. 

Pair Denim with Denim!

If you love denim as much as we do, then there’s nothing called too much denim!

You can pair simple, flared jeans with a sexy denim top like our halter top and look gorgeous. 

A halter-neck top always looks fashionable when rock a ponytail or sweep your hair to the side and pin it up behind your ear. You can wear long, lopsided earrings with a halter denim top and complete with a simple bracelet.

Never Go Wrong with Fitting Crop Tops!

Many flared jeans are high-waisted and therefore, crop tops will be your best friend.

If you are ever confused about what to wear, then pick up the flared jeans and a crop top like this wine one and you’re ready to look ravishing without any effort!

You can, of course, add big belts to better accentuate your waistline. If you’re going for a simple look, then you can do away with the belt and just wear the crop top, some long earrings, and wedges from our trendy online boutique to complete the look.


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