A Floral Dress You Can Wear Every Season

A Floral Dress You Can Wear Every Season

Are those peppy floral designs making your heart skip a beat?

Floral prints have been one of the timeless designs that have been around for a long time. Be it in the simple crop tops to the denim shorts, florals make a statement in various outfits.

Floral designs typically emphasize more the feminine side of the dress rather than plain, cryptic outfit ideas. And designers have been innovating and incorporating the florals in various dress designs.

In this blog, we’ll cover various designs of floral dresses and the best ways to wear them. 

4 Common Tips to Wear Floral Dresses:

Before we look at various designs of floral dresses, you need to know the suitable designs to make them work for you. Our style experts from our women's western wear boutique have some tips for you to pick floral dresses. 

  • Go for Brighter Undertones:

Floral prints are often associated with bright and attractive designs. But you can always make softer florals work with bright undertones, contrasting bottom wear like flared jeans, or complementary accessories in bright colors for that burst of color.

  • Simmer the Colour:

We just saw that floral prints are bright and loud. But you don’t want them to be too loud that it becomes a chaotic mess of colors and flowers. So when your floral design is loud enough, you can tone everything else down — the accessories, the other pieces of clothing and even your makeup, if you wish. This would bring the floral prints to the notice.

  • Pick the Right Floral Size:

We can’t say this enough. The right size of the floral print can make one look big, small, petite, thin or bulky. 

Typically, for someone with a large frame, go for medium-sized or big floral prints. Micro-small floral prints can make them look even bulkier. Similarly, for women with a small figure, tiny florals can make them look even smaller. So pick out medium-size floral printed dresses for such people.

  • Placement of the Floral Prints:

This is yet again a crucial point when choosing floral dresses. Big florals can get attention to the particular area and can even make them look broader and bigger. So make sure to notice where the floral print is located. Is it on the entire length of the dress? Is it present only in the neckline? The hems at the bottom? At the hip level?

Think about the size and the color of the floral prints and the area they’ll bring to attention. 

Stunning Floral Dresses to Wear During Every Season:

Long gone are when we thought floral dresses are only in vogue during the spring and summer. Many are wearing floral dresses throughout the season due to the liveliness and the colorfulness it adds. Let’s look at some of the top choices of floral prints in trendy women’s clothing from our Heels boutique.

  • White Floral Dress:

A white floral dress has become a staple in lots of wardrobes. If you don’t have a white floral dress, then it’s high time you buy one.

Florals and white go hand in hand to make an iconic outfit. It’s simple, stylish and is so pretty. You can throw on a chunky necklace during the summers for this embroidered white floral dress. Or add a denim jacket and some brown boots to wear this dress during the winters.

  • Minimalistic Floral Dress:

While many floral prints are loud, some designs are so simple and minimal that it accentuates the design from the background. This lovely embroidered dress is from one of these designs.

With tiny grey florals in the background and a few bright pink, red and yellow florals to highlight the neckline and the hems, this floral dress is beautiful to wear during the summers and the winters. You can keep the accessories to a minimum and wear a flip-flop during the summers and heels during the winters. You can also throw on a belt and some contrast leggings.

  • Oversized Floral Dress:

Oversized dresses are a huge trend for the last few seasons. You can wear an oversized floral dress that’s breezy and light during the winters, like this one with a neckline like a tank top from our Spurs clothing.

You can add a big belt with this dress and some basic slippers to complete the outfit. If you want to wear this dress through all seasons, you can throw on a jacket and some ankle-length jeans and boots.

  • Bright Aztec Floral Dress:

Aztec designs in dresses, tops and boots have become a range in recent years. You can go for that bright, Mexico-weather floral dress that’s short enough to wear comfortably during the summers and pair up with denim during the winter.

An Aztec floral dress like this one can work with various outfit choices. You can wear this standalone with a belt and slippers or boots. You can add some denim shorts and insert them for a super-casual look. You can even tie it up in a knot in the front and wear them with pants or jeggings for a fun day out. You can convert this single dress into multiple outfits and look expensive even when you’re running on a budget!

There are so many choices when it comes to picking floral dresses that can be worn around the seasons. All you need is a spark of an idea and you can transform a floral dress to a whole another outfit with just a few minor additions from your wardrobe.

At Heels N Spurs, one of the top online boutiques in the USA, we have many handpicked choices for floral dresses, tops and bottoms. Visit our website to order your choice of trendy women’s clothing online.


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