Tips To Dress In Western Fashion During The Fall Season

Tips To Dress In Western Fashion During The Fall Season

As the summer fades away, the temperature drops, and the leaves start to fall from the trees. It's a sign that it's time to take those stylish, comfy clothes out.

Fall is the time to get back to your glam self after the summer took most of the fun out of your fab clothing. This is also the best time to get your inner cowgirl out and don your favorite western wear outfits.

Wondering the right way to dress in western fashion? Here are some style tips for you.

Revamp Your Fall Wardrobe the Western Style with These 6 Tips

One of the crucial things we need to remember about western outfits is that you don’t need to go too detailed or over the top. Western fashion is all about simplicity, convenience, and style combined into outfits designed to turn heads and make you look amazing.

At Heels N Spurs, a popular trendy online boutique, we exclusively sell western wear for women. We have everything you need at the best quality and affordable rates, from basic dresses and tops to accessories.

Our style experts recommend a few outfit pairings and tips to make western-style work for you.

1. You Can Never Go Wrong with a Denim + Hat Combo

Let’s say you want to do the bare minimum necessary to mimic western fashion. All you need to do is pick any colorful t-shirt of yours, wear them with your flared jeans and finish off with the right wide-brimmed hat. This is a simple way to look trendy without doing a lot.

You can pick any flared jeans for women from our online boutique store like this distressed one.

flared jeans for women

Once you have the flared jeans, you can go for any hat you own — preferably something in the colors of beige, black, or suede.

2. Go Classic with a Dress + Boots Combo

The best thing about buying a western dress is that it’s completely versatile. You can wear such dresses and heels with belts as sophisticated wear, swap the heels for boots and let the belt loose for a candid and casual western look, or throw on a jacket and wear tights for party wear.

Here’s one such amazing western dress to try out.

dresses and heels

This is a thigh-length floral dress that’s so comfy and sexy at the same time. You can pair this up with any knee-length boots you own. If you want to look a little more western, then add a big shiny belt, and you’ll look every bit like an authentic cowgirl.

3. Make It Quick with a Simple Dress + Western Jewelry

When you look closely at western wear styles, there’s a combination of stunning, grand outfits with simple accessories and simple outfits with heavy accessories. The latter is easier to achieve without costing you a lot.

You can pick your simple, plain dress in black, white, or any other soft color and pair it with western jewelry. You can also go for a jumpsuit dress and go for minimal accessories. 

Turquoise is a prevalent color you can notice on most western accessories. So if you want to give a hint of a cowgirl look, then make sure to pick one in turquoise. 

Here’s a style box from our trendy women’s clothing containing a turquoise necklace, earrings, and ring.

Western Jewelry

You can get such a collection of jewelry and pair them with any simple dress you own. For an added western effect, you can throw on your suede boots too.

4. Wear a Cute Aztec Top + Distressed Jeans

Long-sleeved Aztec tops look especially good on a fall day and are one of the most comfortable outfits to wear. You can throw on your pair of distressed jeans and boots, and you’ll be ready to go.

Aztec tops

If you want to add more touches to the western outfit, wear a big and bulky western belt and a simple turquoise necklace. Make sure not to overdo your accessories as they could overpower the Aztec top.

5. Go All Out with a Skirt + Hat + Bodysuit Combo

We’ve seen many simple ways to make western wear look work with the basics in your wardrobe. Now, if you’re wondering a way to pull out all the stops and look like you’ve stepped out from Texas, then here’s a style tip for you.

Pick a knee-length skirt, a pleated one if possible, and pair them with a bodysuit. This can be anything that fits you great. Choose a pair of boots that go well with that — ankle-length boots usually go well with skirts.

Here’s a Terlingua skirt that makes you look like a westerner from Heels N Spurs.

Terlingua skirt

Wear simple western jewelry like a pair of earrings and a necklace if your bodysuit looks very simple. Complete the look with a cowgirl hat and a concho belt or your skirt, and you’ll look every bit the real cowgirl!

Wrapping Up

Western wear outfits have something for every kind of wear. You can pick simple western tops for women for casual everyday wear or skirts and dresses for a full-on cowgirl look. 

At Heels N Spurs, we have every kind of outfit, accessories, tops, and bottoms you need to achieve that western look. We are one of the top online boutiques USA with a wide handpicked collection of western wear outfits that suits everyone. Check out our pocket-friendly online collection and invest in a couple of hardcore western outfits.

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