The Ultimate Style Guide for Fall Family Photoshoots

The Ultimate Style Guide for Fall Family Photoshoots

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons for photoshoots. With the cool weather, yellowish hues of leaves and the perfect temperatures, there’s no better time to have your family pictures taken!

As much as you’re looking forward to your photoshoot, there’s always that underlying worry that your photos will not come out as perfectly as you’d have hoped.

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when choosing the perfect style for you and your entire family.

This is why our style experts at online boutiques USA have put together a guide to make it easier for you to plan and pick the perfect style for your fall photoshoot!

Preparing For Your Photoshoot

Location and Weather

shoes and accessories

So- you’ve booked your family photoshoot, now what?

The very first thing you need to decide is the location you want your photos taken. Once you’ve picked your ideal spot, speak with your photographer to decide on what theme you should choose for your shoot. This will give you a better idea of what styles to choose.

Visiting the location or checking out various images of the location online can help you better visualize how you’d like your images to look.  This will help you make some crucial decisions like the color of the outfits, as well as the type of shoes and accessories you may need.

It’s important that you check the weather forecast for the day of your photoshoot. Try your best to make sure it isn’t scheduled on a day where rain or unpleasant weather is anticipated. Make sure that your outfits make sense for the temperature. You don’t want to wear too many layers and end up being uncomfortable during your pictures.

Pick a Color Palette

Pick a Color Palette

The next thing to consider is the color scheme. This would depend mostly on the color tones of the location, the colors that work best for your family, and your shoot’s overall theme.

There are several color palettes that you can choose from. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Black & Cream
  • Navy, Taupe & Brown
  • Peach, Ivory, & White
  • Rust, Brown, & Grey

You can create your color palettes based on how you want the photos to look. If you’ve chosen a western theme, you can decide your color palette accordingly.

Matching is Not a Must

Matching is Not a Must

Doing a family photoshoot does not mean that everyone has to be matching.

If you want your photos to stand out and look casual, similar to how you look together in a normal family setting, you should aim for a similar style but not an exact match.

There’s no need to go for the exact same top in multiple sizes. Pick outfits that align with your color scheme. We suggest you choose various designs that look well together- but aren’t identical. Everyone is unique and has their own style. Your outfit choices should reflect that.

Aim For Evergreen

It’d be great if you wore an outfit that’s trendy and in style now, but think about how it may look ten or so years down the line.

You want your photos to look timeless and beautiful any time you or your family members look at them. The best way to achieve this is to go for evergreen styles and colors that stay consistent over time.

Start With You and Your Partner

 Flared jeans

Picking everything out all at once can feel stressful and overwhelming. Take everything one step at a time and begin by planning you and your partner’s outfit first.

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear. Confidence will definitely make a huge difference in your photos. You’ve picked your color palette so your shopping should be based around that. If you’re on a budget, rummage through your closet and see if there’s anything that matches your color scheme. You can even hop on our website and buy an adorable jumpsuit dress or a trendy pair of flared jeans based on the theme you’ve chosen.

If you’re still not feeling completely confident about your outfit choice when the day of your shoot rolls around, pack another change of clothes! You can always ask to see the first few pictures your photographer takes. If you’re not satisfied with your look, you’ll have a back up.

The Final Selection

Once you’ve decided on the outfits you and your partner will be wearing, your work is halfway done!

Choose the outfits for other members of your family based on the color theme of your shoot, their age group and their own personal style. You can pick out a variety of options that go well with your color palette and let them choose their favorites.

Play Around With Layers

Play Around With Layers

Since the weather is cooler, you have the option to have fun with multiple layers and accessories! 

Different layers could include jackets, scarves, knit sweaters and even some fall styled hats! 

For accessories, long necklaces, bracelets, and even handbags can add a fun flare to your family photos. If you’re looking for the best crossbody bags, have a quick look at our site!


Family photo shoots are a wonderful way to create long-lasting memories. Although you may feel overwhelmed when trying to choose the perfect location and outfits for the whole family, the process does not need to be stressful! After all, photoshoots are supposed to be fun! 

We hope that our step-by-step guide was helpful in making your family photo shoot as stress-free as possible! 

If you need some inspiration, check out our collection! We are one of the top trendy online boutiques with a wide selection of western themed tops, dresses and shoes that would look perfect in any fall photoshoot. You can even save yourself some stress by having your new fall outfit delivered directly to your door!


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