Notch Up Your Style with the Latest Shoe Trends

Notch Up Your Style with the Latest Shoe Trends

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about spicing up your style. Your shoes can be a great way to do that. But are you tired of wearing the same styles day in and day out? Get out of your fashion rut and shop for the trendiest kicks you need in your closet. Whether you want a statement-maker or a minimalistic piece, look at Heels N Spurs’ picks for serious shoe envy. The footwear collection from our western boutique can be easily mixed and matched to your heart’s content!

8 Shoe Styles to Step Up Your Style Game Like No Other

Attention, shoe lovers! The time has come to put your best foot forward and step into the spotlight with on-trend footwear. We have assembled eight shoe styles from our online boutiques in the USA to ensure style and comfort at every step.

#1. Marveling at Metallic Magic: Copper Floral Cruiser Ariat

#1. Marveling at Metallic Magic_ Copper Floral Cruiser Ariat

With the Copper Floral Cruiser Ariat's metallic finish and tan-brown color palette, achieve instant glamor. You can wear it to meetings, night outs, casual outings, and brunches. It has an easy-to-slip-on appeal, making this piece versatile and a staple for elevating your everyday look. The subtle shimmer from its copper metallic surface is all you need to add some glitz to your graphic sweatshirts, denim, dresses, and jumpsuits.

#2. A Star-Studded Luxury for Your Feet: Skylar Sneakers

#2. A Star-Studded Luxury for Your Feet_ Skylar Sneakers

If you are a sneakerhead, the Skylar Sneakers will delight your senses. They are crafted with both ease of movement and swanky aesthetics in mind. The glittery pink-colored star and leopard print laces make these classic white sneakers more appealing. You can wear them at the college or while running errands. What makes these sneakers super versatile is their ability to complement many casual pieces such as rompers, t-shirts, and flare jeans for women.

#3. A Stylish Companion for Summer Getaways: The Kassi Wedges

#3. A Stylish Companion for Summer Getaways_ The Kassi Wedges

Whether you are looking for something classic or edgy, the Kassi Wedges are an ideal choice. They feature a sturdy yet lightweight construction, providing an unbeatable comfort level. With a timeless design, these wedges are crafted to elevate your stature without putting any strain on your feet. As the wedges are tan-brown, they will surely complement every ensemble’s color combination effortlessly. You can flaunt these wedges with maxi dresses, pencil skirts, and western tops for women.

#4. Experience a Cherishable Craftsmanship: The Shania Tooled Sandals

#4. Experience a Cherishable Craftsmanship_ The Shania Tooled Sandals

The Shania Tooled Sandals from our women’s online boutiques reflect timeless craftsmanship and exceptional detailing. They are a go-to choice for a busy day out or a beautiful evening in the town. What makes these sandals, so luxe and unique is their construction method. They use traditional tools and techniques to create beautiful, intricate designs. Despite complex detailing, these sandals are easy on your feet so that you can proudly show off your footwear.

#5. A Footwear Worth Every Stare: The Designer Slides

#5. A Footwear Worth Every Stare_ The Designer Slides

Add some pizzazz to any outfit with the Designer Slides and instantly take your style from drab to fab. These platform-style slides are known for their easy-to-slip-into appeal, which makes them an everyday essential for your style. You can pick up anything from our trendy women’s clothing and match it with these slides. They speak for themselves with a minimal patterned design and a laid-back construction. Plus, the extra height will give you the confidence boost you need to take on anything.

#6. From the Office to a Happy Hour: The Nude Dakota Mules

#6. From the Office to a Happy Hour_ The Nude Dakota Mules

The Nude Dakota Mules are appropriate for any season, taking your look from day to night. Their sleek lines, sophisticated texture, and perfect nude shade will have everyone wanting a pair. The soft leather upper hugs your feet snugly, while the breathable lining ensures all-day comfort. These mules contain an A-line shape with a low-cut vamp to create an attention-grabbing appearance. You can also wear these mules while layering up your attire with a girls’ denim jacket or a cropped blazer. The mule is a must-have piece for chic dressing; you should not miss out on it!

#7. Taking Hold of the Fashion Wheel: The Emery Clog Heels

#7. Taking Hold of the Fashion Wheel_ The Emery Clog Heels

Add a pop of elegance to your wardrobe with the Emery Clog Heels. This piece will become an instant hit with an intricate design and subtle color combinations. When you slip your feet into these heels, you can make a statement and feel empowered at work and parties. They can be an excellent finishing touch for attires like pantsuits, business pants, and shirts. You can also explore our collection of spring-ready dresses and heels to mix and match your flair.

#8. Put a Bold Step Forward: San Luis Sling Backs

#8. Put a Bold Step Forward_ San Luis Sling Backs

Designed to keep your feet secure, the San Luis Sling Backs from our trendy online boutique are a must-have for fashion lovers. With an easy-going heel and a glam-induced appeal, they offer a relaxed fit for your feet. The San Luis Sling Backs are good for any occasion, such as corporate settings, casual outings, brunches, get-togethers, and where not. Moreover, you can pair them with various outfits like floral dresses, kimonos, shorts, and playsuits. In short, these contemporary pieces are an impeccable pick for your everyday-strolling needs.


The footwear pieces above, from bold block heels and chic sneakers to classic mules and stylish sandals, guarantee a show-stealer appearance. With Heels N Spurs, you can find your dream pair for any occasion- a country-style night out or a work-from-home day. Our western boutique’s shoe assortment is here to ensure that your feet are always dressed to impress.

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