How To Pick The Right Handbag To Get Through Every Occasion

How To Pick The Right Handbag To Get Through Every Occasion

A perfect handbag is every girl’s best friend. No matter if we’re working or travelling, a handbag is the one go-to accessory that we cannot live a day without!

So, how can we pick the ‘right’ handbag that looks absolutely stylish, compliments your outfit and, at the same time, most useful?

Our style experts from Heels N Spurs, one of the most popular online boutiques in the USA, are giving you the latest ideas on finding the best handbag for every occasion. 

Useful Tips To Choose The Right Handbag That Goes With Every Occasion


If you’re a working professional, then your handbag is usually a mini office + toiletry bag + snack cart!

From your credit cards and money to a water bottle and lipstick, you need your handbag to hold a lot of items. Not only functional, you would want something that looks super cool so that it compliments your work outfits. 

For such occasions, check out the Rio Saddle Bag handbag; it’s cute, professional, and the right size with great pockets to fit all your work essentials.

You can wear this handbag with outfits in various colors. This bag has so many compartments to keep all your important stuff separate and easily accessible! It’s very spacious on the inside and is a top choice for someone who wants to have a huge load of things inside the handbag but doesn’t want it to look bulky. You can find more large bags at Heels Boutique

If you’re looking for something slimmer than this, you can go for this tooled tote.

This gorgeous handbag can be paired with pantsuits and midis and works well with most colors. 

Casual Day-Out:

If you’re going out with your friends for a casual hang and drink, then you can go for something quirky and versatile, like this rope bag.

This circular rope bag can be paired with casual wear like jeans and tees, shorts, casual shirts, short skirts, etc. You can keep your basics like money, cards, keys, makeup, tissues and other small stuff. 

If you want something a little bigger for your casual day, then a crossbody bag is a good choice.

This looks super cool and casual with the studs and is so comfy to wear with a broad belt. Perfect for the essentials for a day on the go. 

For those who want something bigger than this, then a backpack is a great pick. You’ll have lots and lots of space to store all your things and is so versatile that it can be used with various tees and shirts to replace your traditional handbag.

For casual shopping days, you can have your pick from these cute backpacks for teens and women that are comfortable to wear and lightweight to carry.

You can find more cute backpacks for teenage girls and women here.

Night Life: 

Party all night with a handbag that doesn’t intrude on your dance moves.

Go for something small enough to compliment your nightwear, but big enough to keep your important stuff.

This crossbody handbag is just right for party attire because it has a removable strap to double as a clutch. You can wear this with your black gowns and LBDs or with a fancy top and jeans. The thin strap is almost invisible against your attire. 

If you want something in a darker shade, then this wooden-colored tooled purse would make a great accessory. 

The elegant engraved design on the purse sets itself apart from other contemporary designs. Put this bag on your arm to look amazing for a professional party.

Day and Night Multi-Purpose:

Sometimes, you may not have the time to go home and get changed for a night out and you cannot show up to a party with your super-professional handbag. 

The smartest choice for such times is to invest in a handbag that is versatile for work and parties. You can go for a mini purse that can be used with the strap as a handbag during the day and remove the strap for a sleek purse at night.

These handbags may look small but have a whole lot of compartments to keep all your necessary items safe. Such a purse would be fabulous with most nightwear like gowns and skirts!


Who doesn’t want to travel in style! Your reliable backpack or carryon bag can be bulky and dull, it can totally mess up your stylish travel look.

Be cute and organized with a travel bag that’s big enough to hold your stuff and fashionable enough to turn heads. If you’re travelling for a day, then our cowhide night bag would be perfect.

You have multiple compartments to keep your things separate and it can even hold a laptop. 

If you’re travelling for more than a day, you would need something bigger like a concho duffel bag. Big enough to hold outfits for 4 days or more, this bag looks so beautiful on the outside and is way cuter than the usual duffel bags you get on the market.


Heels N Spurs has many duffel bag styles that look just like a handbag in a big size. With the two handles, it’s super easy to carry it over your shoulder or hold on your elbow and really travel in style!


Heels N Spurs is the go-to online shopping place for trendy women’s clothing. From fabulous dresses and casual tees to handbags and accessories, we have it all. Browse through our online shop and buy some unique pieces at pocket-friendly prices! 


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