Country Girl Fashion- The Ultimate Style Guide

Country Girl Fashion- The Ultimate Style Guide

Country girls are born for the great outdoors. They don’t mind working hard and getting their clothes dirty in the process. Whether they’re cleaning the barn, doing chores, or helping out on the farm, wearing comfortable and durable clothing without compromising style is essential.

The western-styled look consists of wardrobe staples that don’t constraint movement while still looking chic. If you are a city gal heading down to the south, we’re sure that you’ll want to look the part! So here are some style tips for you to rock the cowgirl look. There’s an undeniable charm in country fashion. 

Heels N Spurs, a western-style women’s boutique located in Texas, is here to provide you with the ultimate selection of country fashion! We have premium leather boots, jackets, graphic tees, & so much more! If you’re looking for more inspiration for western-styled looks, head to our website to browse our latest collections and new arrivals!

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Western Boots

No one knows more about their boots than true Texans! Boots are a pride & joy of the south and are a staple of western-styled fashion. Cowgirl boots are an excellent choice for those who work outdoors or commonly spend time on the farm because of their durability. They’re also a great choice if you’re looking to do some line dancing! So whether you’re hitting the dance floor or working around cattle, we are sure to have a style that fits your needs and budget. Check out our boutique, Heels N Spurs, for a full collection of trendy women’s clothing!

The Must-Have Cowboy Hat

Western Hat

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about western-styled fashion? Cowboy hats, of course! They are a must-have in every cowgirl's closet. Here at Heels N Spurs, our cowboy hats come in a wide variety of colors and styles so you can look your best for any occasion. So what are you waiting for? Head to our website today and add one of our trendy cowboy hats to your cart!

Yes- Belt Buckles Are Essential

Cowgirl Buckles

Belt Buckles are such a great addition to any outfit. There is nothing that says “cowgirl” more than a trendy belt buckle. Their unique patterns and designs will help you blend in with the southern crowd! Visit our boutique either in-store or online to purchase the perfect buckle today!

Don’t Forget About Plaid!

Plaid Shacket

Plaid shirts are the definition of comfort & casual. So you have guessed it right, every country girl has multiple plaid shirts in her closet. You can find the perfect plaid-styled top from our trendy online boutique. We have plaid shirts & shackets that are durable, high-quality, and trendy! You can pair the plaid shirt or shacket with a graphic tee and skinny jeans. This is the perfect look if you’re planning to run some errands or even go out on the town with your friends. If you want to accessorize the look and take it to the next level, a trendy necktie would be a great addition. Shop this look now!

Fringes Are a Must-Have

Fringe Jacket

Are you really embracing the cowgirl style if you aren’t wearing a top with fringes? This fashion trend is straight out of an old western movie but is forever timeless. You won’t see a true country girl sporting a chic leather jacket without fringes! Originally, fringes were made to help rain easily stay off of your clothing and dry faster while you were out working on the farm or riding your horse on the trails. Nowadays, these are just used for fashion trim to give clothes a Western or Country aesthetic. Purchase this adorable denim jacket from our women’s online clothing boutique to take your wardrobe to the next level!

Flared Jeans

Flared Jeans

Country girls love looking comfy & casual. So ditch the tight skinny jeans and replace them with some trendy flared jeans for a western-styled look. They pair perfectly with your favorite pair of cowboy boots and a trendy fringed jacket. Flared jeans offer you a curvy look around the waist and hug your form for a flattering look while being exceptionally comfortable for simple mobility. You can wear this with a concho belt to add a little bit of flair to your look. If you’re looking for a store with a country girl aesthetic, look no further than Heels N Spurs! We have you covered on all things cowgirl!

Our Conclusion

If you’re headed down south and want to achieve the perfect country-girl look, we have you covered! This style was created to be comfortable yet trendy at the same time. Who says you can’t work hard and look cute at the same time? We hope that this blog has inspired you to choose the western-styled outfit of your dreams! Whatever your style and budget may be, we are sure to have what you’re looking for at our trendy western boutique!

Heels N Spurs is your go-to trendy online boutique in Texas for western wear outfits. From beautiful cowboy boots, belt buckles, and tops to fringed jackets, flared jeans, and hats, we have you covered! Visit our website to achieve the cowgirl-inspired aesthetic you’ve been searching for!


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