Complete Your Outfits By Styling Them With Trendy Accessories

Complete Your Outfits By Styling Them With Trendy Accessories

Your outfit is incomplete without the right accessories to accentuate it. Even the most basic outfits can lend a fashionable look when you pick the suitable accessories to pair them with.

But how can you make that choice?

By knowing what works well with what, of course.

Various accessories can elevate your entire look and add an ensemble of character. At Heels N Spurs, a popular online boutiques USA, we have various bold, bright and colorful accessories to give a western twist to your outfits.

Wondering how to pair your outfits the right way with your choice of accessories? Here’s a short cheat list for you!

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Style with Trendy Accessories

Every piece of accessory can define your look. By choosing the right combination based on what you’re wearing, you can definitely amp up your style game.

1. Lighting Bolt Hoops to Add Some Jazz

Lighting Bolt Hoops to Add Some Jazz

Hoop earrings are one of the best style statements to add to your accessory collection. It goes well with many western tops for women like jeans and t-shirts, funky dresses, denim shorts, and crop tops, and a lot more.

You can choose a classic plain hoop earring or the one with the lighting bolt to add some glam to your outfit.

You can side-sweep your hair to one side when wearing a hoop earring. Hoops also work great with a ponytail or a bun hairstyle.

2. Concho Belt to Go Western

Concho Belt to Go Western

If you’re a fan of western-style clothing, then you absolutely need to own a concho belt!

Concho belts look great with a pair of jeans and a checked shirt. You can tuck in your shirt and flaunt it. Add a couple of ankle-length boots, and you’d have aced the cowgirl style!

You can also wear a concho belt with your simple cotton dresses to bring shape to your loose outfit and to add a trendy touch to it.

3Turquoise Necklace for Some Colour

Let’s say that you have a very boring outfit — something like a plain loose t-shirt, top, or an ankle-length dress in neutral colors. One simple way to convert this boring outfit into something stylish and chic is to add some blast of color like this turquoise necklace.

Turquoise Necklace for Some Colour

This simple, beaded western Navajo necklace in turquoise is precisely what you need to lend some color to any boring outfit. You can throw on this necklace with your simple dress and add a belt to accentuate your waist. Complete the outfit with a pair of sandals for a casual look.

This necklace will also look good paired with a simple top and skinny jeans, flared jeans for women, or denim shorts. You can even get a lengthier turquoise necklace, like this one available in our trendy online boutique, for a more simple look.

Turquoise Necklace

This necklace comes with a pair of turquoise earrings and another similar pair in white. This necklace is comparatively more versatile than the previous one as you can pair this one with almost all kinds of tops, gowns, jumpsuit dresses, and skirts.

4. Ranch Cuff for a Modern Look

When we say 'ranch cuffs,' most people think that they can only suit cowgirl outfits. It's not true. There are various designs of ranch cuffs that we can pair with multiple outfit styles. For example, let's consider this simple ranch cuff in the colors of white and turquoise.

Ranch Cuff for a Modern Look

You can wear this ranch cuff as heavy jewelry with many outfits. We love to pair this cuff with our white beach dresses or party wear as chunky jewelry pieces.

Especially when you think that your outfit is simple, you can add this small piece of jewelry and power your outfit to look modern.

5. A Gold Link Bracelet for the Glam

We have often been faced with this question — ‘What’s missing in my outfit?’

More times than not, it either requires a pop of color or a dash of shine.

This gold link bracelet comes in the latter category.

A Gold Link Bracelet for the Glam

This bracelet works well with most dresses, especially with long gowns or party wear. When you’re wearing a neutral-colored dress, like a white, grey, ash, or a black one, wearing this gold bracelet would add more glamour and sophistication to your entire ensemble.

6. Western Hat for the Final Touch

We have finally seen some ideas for styling your basic outfits with earrings, belts, necklaces, and cuffs. The final touch to bring out your fashion sense is with a hat!

We know what you think. ‘Will a hat suit my outfit and, most importantly, me?’


Hats are versatile accessories that can work well with most outfits if worn fitting. You can wear hats with your summer dresses, casual outfits, and for practically any outdoor wear.

Western Hat for the Final Touch

At our trendy online boutique, we have a simple wide-brimmed western hat made of premium wool felt. You can wear this with your summer outfits and let your hair down or in a soft bun.

Wrapping Up

Accessories are what make a dress an outfit. If you want to achieve that perfect look, pick the right accessories. For some amazing accessories to make your whole outfit sing, you can shop from Heels N Spurs- our trendy women's clothing boutique in the USA.

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