8 Ways To Style A Boring Outfit Into A Chic!

8 Ways To Style A Boring Outfit Into A Chic!

Have you been in awe with the way celebrities look effortlessly gorgeous with the simplest outfits?

Celebrities use the same color combinations and accessories as we do but seem to look amazingly chic! It’s because of the tiny tweaks they make to convert a boring outfit into a head-turning ensemble. 

You too can transform the most basic outfits in your wardrobe with a few accessories and changes. The best part is, you’ll already have almost everything you need right in your wardrobe. All that’s left for you is to pick and match.

Make your boring outfits look instantly chic with these different styles.

8 Instant Style Tips to Transform Your Outfit from Boring to Chic

You can buy pricey dresses from a women’s boutique and some stunning western tops for women. But when you don’t style them properly, they’ll lose their luster and look just like any other piece you pick out at a random shop.

On the other hand, you can buy affordable outfits from online boutiques in the USA and transform them to look chic and gorgeous on you with the right styling. It’s the best way to look expensive on a budget! Let’s look at some ways to make that happen.

Tie Up that Loose Hanging T-Shirt:

Every one of us craves comfort so don’t throw out that loose-fitting boyfriend t-shirt. You can look stylish with a long hanging, loose t-shirt...here’s how.

You don’t need to buy anything to look stylish with a t-shirt. Just knot the front of the t-shirt in the middle (like in the image) or towards the side close to your waist. You can play around with this knot however you want to.

If you want to show off your stomach, you knot it up higher. Or you can knot just where your belt starts and you’ll be ready for the day!

Pair Long Earrings with Off-Shoulder/Cropped Shoulder Tops:


An off-shoulder top looks stunning as it is but do you feel that something is missing?

A long earring makes a bold statement for an off-shoulder style and pulls the attention towards the shoulder. You can go for thin, loopy earnings that go all the way to the shoulders or any other long earrings that match your top. 

Usually, for such an off-shoulder combo, it’s best to wear your hair in a soft bun or sweep them aside to really show off the look. 

Belt Your Top or Dress:

Adding a belt over your top or a dress is a simple way to bring style to any outfit. You can stock different varieties of belts for your wardrobe and mix and match them with your choice of dress.

When you’re adding a bold belt to your jeans and top, you can tuck in the front of the top in your jeans to draw attention to the belt.

 Shop our collection of belts at our trendy online boutique.

Throw on a Pair of Boots:

Boots have a way of converting any outfit into instant-chic. 

You can wear boots with jeans and t-shirts, crop tops, blouses or any party outfit. You can also throw on your boots with shorts, thigh-level dresses and sundresses. Make sure to have different length boots to choose from: knee-length, ankle-length and mid-ankle. 

Take stock of your wardrobe and the common outfits you love to wear and buy a pair of boots that work with most of them.

Wear Those Flared Jeans:

The flared, wide-leg jeans are back in style and you can see celebrities wearing them all over town. 

Flared leg jeans are comfier than skinny jeans and are becoming quite popular. You can invest in a pair of blue or black flared jeans and style it up with any top of your choice and you’ll instantly bring your fashion up a notch. Get a pair of distressed flared jeans to amp your style!

Cuff Your Jeans:

Let’s say that you don’t have time to style yourself and have to rush out the door in some bland top and your old jeans. What can you do now?

Well, it’s pretty simple — cuff your jeans!

It would take you no more than a minute to roll up the ends of your jeans neatly and wear a pair of heels or ankle-length boots. Comfy yet chic looks so good!

Layer Your Dress: 

When you’ve worn a top long enough that people can identify you with it, you can simply transform it into a new outfit by layering!

Just throw on a kimono for a short-sleeved top or a sleeveless jacket for a full-sleeved shirt. Tuck your top into your shorts or jeans for a high fashion look. Add an eye-catching belt and you’ve got yourself cute casual wear.

Sport a Heavy Ring: 

Stacking a couple of rings or wearing one huge ring can elevate your style and complement your outfit. 

If you’re wearing a casual outfit, you can go with one or two big rings. If you want to go for an uber-stylish look, stack on a combination of rings of different sizes and designs on three or four fingers. 

Wrapping Up:

Making your style statement is not difficult when you add a few accessories and convert your boring outfits to fully accessorized ones. Make sure to choose the right combination of accessories to make your outfit work. If you’re looking for some unique pieces to add to your wardrobe, shop from Heels n Spurs, one of the most popular online boutiques in the USA.

From tops and boots to belts and earrings, we have it all! 

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