Freshman Year Perfect Outfits Ideas for First Day Impression

Freshman Year Perfect Outfits Ideas for First Day Impression

The first day of your freshman year is so important because it marks the beginning of your transition. That is why everything needs to be perfect — your outfit, accessories, and makeup. 

A question that every girl faces is, ‘What’s the best outfit to wear on the first day of my freshman year?’

As they say, you dress to express, not to impress. However, that statement may not be the case with teenagers who want to stand out in the crowd or be the new  ‘IT' girl in the campus.

The first day high scenario includes rummaging through the wardrobe to find the most head-turning outfit. 

If you are an incoming freshie, here are 5 Outfit Ideas Rock The First Day Of Your Freshman Year.

At Heels N Spurs, a very popular online western wear boutique in the US, we have several designs of trendy women’s clothing that can be mixed and matched based on your individual preferences. Here’s what our stylist have curated:

A Cute Hearts Sweater with Distressed Jeans:

If you’re starting your freshman year in a place where it is mostly frigid, then you may not have the option of wearing shorts. The next best choice is to go for something comfortable but cute.

We have just the thing for you — an adorable white sweater with red hearts!

If you’re someone who wants to keep it casual but doesn’t want to be plain, this sweater is a great pick. You can match this with your favorite blue distressed jeans and ankle-length boots for an eye-catching look!

A Vintage Washed-Up Sweatshirt with Joggers:

Sweatshirts are one of the most comfy go-to outfits any students should have in their wardrobes. 

We have a vintage washed sweatshirt in a rose colour that’s so dainty and chic.

You can wear this with any sneakers, throw on a handbag and go jewelry-free. Investing in sweatshirts would give you great options to wear during your spring break too!

Plaid Top, Skinny Jeans with Boots: 

Nothing says casual and sexy like plaid women’s tops. You can pick a plaid top with laces and fringes or a plaid hi-lo t-shirt to glam up your first day.

Such an outfit paired with jeans and boots will look super-casual and chic if that’s the vibe you want to achieve.

Here, we have paired a plaid, hi-lo top with skinny jeans and high-heeled boots for girls to achieve a cowgirl look. This ensemble will surely add character and will make it look simple yet put-together.

A Simple T-Shirt, a Trucker’s Jacket & Distressed Jeans:

If there’s one outfit combination that never goes out of style for a freshman, it’s this combo! 

Pair the t-shirt with any distressed jeans of your choice. You can go for skinny distressed jeans or loose-fitted ones. Then, pick a nice fitting trucker’s jacket that goes perfectly with this ensemble. Generally, any black, blue, or green-colored jackets match  with all t-shirt colors.

Here, we have a simple washed-out, black color trucker’s jacket that matches with any  t-shirts. You can either wear boots or sneakers to complete this look.

Any Simple Top with a Denim, Button-Up Skirt: 

You can never go wrong with a basic denim skirt. It is so versatile that you can pair it with almost anything. Match it with plain t-shirts, animal-printed tops, stripped or boxed ones, tops in bright hues, or t-shirts with brand lettering.

Sometimes, teenagers wear denim skirts over shorts and fitting dresses.

Here, we have paired a sleeveless, animal-print top with the denim, button-up skirt. You can let your creativity play by pairing this skirt with any top you have. Wear simple jewelry like a dainty necklace with a beautiful pendant to look absolutely stunning. 

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Make a Lasting Impression on Your Very First Day!

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If you’re planning to rock your first day as a freshman, then browse through our online shop and get some affordable outfits for your college now.


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