Comfy, Cozy Chic: 9 Activities For Rocking Your Favorite Loungewear

Comfy, Cozy Chic: 9 Activities For Rocking Your Favorite Loungewear

If you’re anything like us, your closet is 90% loungewear these days. And if it’s not...girl, it should be. Pandemic Chic, as we like to call it, is fashion’s greatest gift to homebodies and anyone with the radical opinion that cute clothes shouldn’t just look good, they should feel good, too. We realize there’s sometimes a stigma around loungewear -- that it’s for lazy days when you don’t want to put any effort in. Well, that’s sort of true, but the beauty of Heels N Spurs’ trendy loungewear collection is that you can be lazy without looking lazy. Plus, our styles are super versatile, so you can take them from the couch to the store to the coffee shop, and still feel perfectly comfortable and perfectly dressed. 

Here are 9 times you might ask “What should I wear,” and 9 times “Loungewear” is always the answer.

Trying Out A New Recipe:

Quarantine is the perfect time to dive into new hobbies and experiment! Personally, we’ve been having a lot of fun trying out new recipes in the kitchen. But cooking can be a legitimate workout with all the mixing and pan-tossing and chopping, so might we recommend a super comfy and breathable loungewear outfit? Honestly, joggers and a sweatshirt are the way to go, but if you’re treating yourself to a nice meal, you want to feel cute, too. 

Working From Home:

For days when you don’t have to look uber-polished on Zoom, a cute and cozy loungewear outfit will have you feel comfortable but ready to be productive! Our wild heart lounge set is wildly popular and offers an elevated, sophisticated casual look that pairs perfectly with a piece of jewelry for when you need to add that extra bit of class. And when it comes time to hop on a video call, you bet Heels N Spurs has all the best trendy women's clothing  to help you shine in the professional world. 

Movie Night:

Being cozy while catching up on your shows is top priority, if you ask us. But you also owe it to yourself to feel confident in your appearance, even when you’re the only person in the room. Dress to impress yourself, lady! With our fun and stylish loungewear outfits, you can enjoy your relaxation time while still feeling like a million bucks.

Yoga Practice:

For yoga poses and gentle stretching, wearing comfortable Loungewear is mandatory. Lounge pants and stretchy tank top will help to keep you covered without impacting your ability to perfect your routine.

At-Home Date Night:

Yes, comfy can be sexy, and we have the loungewear to prove it! This short leopard Loungewear set is a comfortable and adorable choice for your romantic night in. The flattering v-neck and mid-thigh shorts will show off your curves in all the right ways. Our  women's western wear boutique offers an entire line of curated looks like this, so you can find the perfect loungewear outfit for any night!

Picnicking In The Park :

From the house to the park to the beach, this all-around Cute loungewear dynamo has you covered. The sleeveless top and mid-thigh shorts of the romper will keep you cool on hot days but can be covered up with a cute cardigan or sweatshirt when the sun goes down.

Running Errands:

Leaving the house? Throw on your favorite matching sweat set (these aren’t your mother’s joggers, honey) and add a few simple accessories to elevate the look, and you’re ready for a productive day out! There is something effortlessly cool about combining a pair of cozy joggers with gray and black sneakers.

Getting Some Fresh Air:

If you need to go out of the house and get moving, women's loungewear can pull double duty as a cute athletic appearance. Wear a jogger pair with a cute tank top, tie up your walking shoes, and finish the look. You can add a cap in summer, it gives you a more sporty outfit, and indeed it turns heads.

Hanging With Friends:

Real Talk: Your friends love you, but they don’t want to see you in your pajamas. Also Real Talk: You can feel cozy and casual without looking like you just rolled out of bed. This neon pink bicycle short set is perfect for throwing on for a quick visit with friends, and can easily be paired with a denim jacket, sweatshirt, or cardigan on cooler days!

In a nutshell:

With so much versatility and endless attractive options, loungewear is officially here to stay. Heels N Spurs provides the best loungewear collections, which gives more relaxation after a long day. So, now you can be enjoying a stay at your home date night and picnic with friends. We hope you have been motivated by all the places you can wear longer.


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