7 Chic and Timeless Outfit Ideas for 7 Days in a Week

7 Chic and Timeless Outfit Ideas for 7 Days in a Week

Classically timeless fashion is always in trend. And since this style can be created using only staple pieces and accessories, it has never been easier to stay gorgeous every day. Whether you are a fashion aficionado or a newbie to outfit styling, here are the seven classic outfit options from our trendy online boutique to stay in trend every day of the week. 

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We have styled seven different looks using pieces from our online boutique to ensure that you’re consistently staying looking good.

7 Outfits for Each Day of the Week to Stay In Style Every Day 

It can seem like a daunting task to stay well-dressed every day of the week. However, it can be pretty seamless when you can invest in affordable closet staples from our online boutique. You can easily create distinct styles with the following outfit picks without conceding comfort and your free-spiritedness.

1. The Monday Boss Lady Look

The Monday Boss Lady Look

White Salado Top, Striped Blazer, The Rodeo Gal Flares, The Tammy Squash White Necklace, and The Ariat Distressed Turquoise Dixon Western Boot

Mondays are for positive affirmations and an excellent start to professional endeavors. Hence, looking well-dressed for formal or workplace affairs and special occasions is necessary. Our white Salado top reflects a comfy and modish flair intertwined with a relaxed-fit design for a formal-chic look. Accentuate it with a striped blazer to channel the "she means business" vibes. Accessorize the ensemble with Squash White Necklace for a majestic, floral charm. Complete the look with the Rodeo Gal Flare jeans, or explore more from our collection of flare jeans for women. Opt for the Ariat Distressed Turquoise Dixon Western Boots to turn heads wherever you go.

2. The Tuesday Chore Accomplisher

The Tuesday Chore Accomplisher

Toffee Cheetah Blazer, Ranch Party Tee, Mid Rise Portland Ariat Straight Jean, and The Bulverde Heels

Tuesdays are for catching up with your errands and checking off your tasks from your to-do list. So get into your comfiest jeans & t-shirt to help you go about your day. Our pick for this is the Ranch Party Tee with the Mid Rise Portland Ariat Straight Jeans. We paired it with Toffee Cheetah Blazer to help you keep professional at work. You can also explore more from our assortment of western tops for women. Wear the Bulverde Heels to walk around in a style that never fails to win hearts.

3. The Wednesday Bravura Rush

The Wednesday Bravura Rush

The Black Merle Body Suit, The White Striped Blazer, Mid Rise Ariat Eleanor Trouser, and Kylie Black Studded Sandals

As Wednesday arrives, it is vital to strike a balance between work life and home life. Thus donning the same look for the workplace to getaways and brunches to parties would help you live life to its fullest. The Black Merle Body Suit from our trendy women’s clothing store will help you shine your femininity and elegance, making it an inescapable attraction. Complement it with a White Striped Blazer and the Mid Rise Ariat Eleanor Trouser to slay the casual and semi-formal aesthetics. Wear the Kylie Black Studded Sandals for a dramatic camouflaging filled with allure.

4. The Thursday Glam Revelries

The Thursday Glam Revelries

The White Lucy Tunic Sweater, Denim Lace Jacket, White Navajo Necklace, White Rodeo Girl Chain Belt, Turquoise Patina Ariat Dixon Boot, and High Rise Mom Fit Skinny Jeans

Want to ditch that mundane routine? Thursdays are to embrace all that your heart craves: day-to-night outings, merriments, and adventurous escapades. The White Lucy Tunic Sweater would drape you in divine comfort and uplifting glory. Foil it in the iridescent beauty of the girl’s denim jacket with lace to keep your look cozy and stylish.  Tuck in the sweater in a High Rise Mom Fit Skinny Jeans. Put on ornate accessories like White Navajo Necklace and a Rodeo Girl Chain Belt. Consider the Turquoise Patina Ariat Dixon Boots to finish off the look.

5. The Friday Spontaneous Excursions

The Friday Spontaneous Excursions

Good Lookin’ Long Sleeve Ariat Tee, Ariat Faux Suede Jacket, Mid Rise Stretch Trouser, Western Mini Navajo Necklace, and Primera Stretch Fit Western Boots

Fridays are for kick-starting your weekend. Whether you are planning an outing or an adventurous trip with your girl gang, the Good Lookin' Long Sleeve Ariat Tee will be the absolute pick. You can top it off with an ever-so-classy Ariat Faux Suede Jacket and Mid Rise Stretch trousers. For adding a softer palette to your look, go for the Western Mini Navajo Necklace. Highlight the outfit with the Primers Stretch Fit Western Boots. 

6. The Saturday Sporty Hustle

The Saturday Sporty Hustle

Laguna Burgundy Ariat Tek Tee, Ariat Black Real Softshell Jacket, Ariat High Rise Rascal Trouser, Shirley Turquoise Necklace, Cowgirl Turquoise Studs, and The Tiana Sneakers

Saturdays call for an active day, from getting groceries or snacks for weekend munching to attending swanky events. The Laguna Burgundy Ariat Tek Tee, accompanied by the Ariat Black Real Softshell Jacket, mirrors a sublime warmth entrenched with grace. Pick our High Rise Rascal Trouser to accentuate the silhouette attributes. You can wear the Shirley Turquoise Necklace paired with Cowgirl Turquoise Stud earrings for an ideal embellishment. Ditch the boots and opt for the ever-so-dainty Tiana Sneakers.

7. The Sunday Comfy Cruising 

The Sunday Comfy Cruising

The Bronc Bands Cropped Hoodie, Cactus Aztec Mustard Silk Scarf, Ariat Marine Trouser Jean, and Cool It Cowboy Sneakers

After a hectic day, enjoy the slice of life on Sundays. From stepping out for shopping or a movie to going out for a spa, the Bronc Bands Cropped Hoodie would leave you hooked to its comforting style. You can don the Cactus Aztec Mustard Silk Scarf to keep the look minimal yet chic. Complement the hoodie with Ariat Marine Trouser Jean and Cool It Cowboy Sneakers to revivify the sportiness in you.


Your distinct style and persona deserve trendy outfits that speak volumes. Get the looks listed above from our trendy online boutique to stay looking trendy every day of the week. 

At Heels N Spurs, we have a wide variety of tops, bottoms, outerwear, jewelry, accessories, dresses, and heels to keep your wardrobe fresh and trendy. So what are you waiting for? Head to our website today and get your shop on!

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